A site where you can find the settings of all cs pro’s and popular streamers.

The settings are always up to date, you could always double check by checking the stream of the player.

Everything really. Sensitivity, viewmodel, resolution, even gear and skins!

Impossible to answer. Everyone prefer different settings. We recommend trying out several configs to find the right one for you!

Simply search for the player on and you will find everything.

When you play on a 4:3 resolution and it’s stretched out to fit the whole screen.

We recommend trying out different configs, try both high and low sens, and then you pick whatever you like the most, and then tweak from there!

Yes, soon you will be able to upload  your own cs2 settings, such as the config, crosshair and much more to have your own page on here that you can share with the counter-strike 2 community.

Send us an email to support@cs2config.com