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At CS2CONFIG we strive to have the latest updated CS2 settings of all professional Counter-Strike 2 players and streamers. You'll find everything from crosshair to monitor settings for totally free!
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We know that most of our visitors like to copy small parts of someone's config such as crosshair, but you can also download their full settings and replace it with your own! Read more to learn how everything works!
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What is CS2CONFIG?

CS2CONFIG is the ultimate site where you can look up your favorite pros and streamers’ full counter-strike 2 settings. You can either copy them one by one from the player profile, or download the full config including crosshair! We know how many people there are out there who really wants to know EVERY SINGLE detail about a specific pro player’s settings, and that’s why we have created this site. You no longer have to visit streams in order to find the latest updates to a pro player’s config. Simply visit us instead! We will save you all that hustle and time. Our site is always up to date with the latest changes available to the public. If s1mple changed his crosshair from size 1 to size 2, it will be updated here. If m0nesy changed his cl_bob settings, it will be updated here. If ZywOo gets a new monitor, it will be updated here. Yes, basically everything is updated here all the time. We, the owners of the site, have been in the CS space for over 10 years and are always looking for those updated settings.


Not just their configs...

The config is of course the main reason why people are visiting our site. But you will be able to find so much more about the players’ setups, like their mouse, keyboard, or even their skins. Because we all know the skins actually improve your skill by.. well atleast 10x. Jokes aside, you will find everything that you need to know in order to improve your counter-strike 2 gameplay. Don’t know what new mouse to get? No problem, look up the most popular ones among the pros and you will definitely find something you like.

You can even click on the gear or skins and get transferred to the site where you’ll be able to buy that product instantly, removing the struggle of having to find the exact product by yourself if you’d like to try it out.

Here's how to find your perfect sensitivity

It can be very frustrating when it comes to sensitivity… one day it feels like you’ve found the perfect one, and the next day everything feels either too slow, or too fast. This can be very bad as your muscle memory is resetting everytime you change sens. That’s why it’s very important to NOT change your sens, but to just keep going. Maybe play some deathmatch if you’re feeling off instead of switching settings. Remember that sens is personal preference. Some people like a higher sens while other like very slow ones. We recommend using our site to find the perfect sensitivity for yourself. Simply visit some pro player’s profiles, and start trying out their sensitivities. This can be a very good way to find what you really like pretty fast. First try something really low like NiKo’s sens (1.52 ingame, 400 DPI), and then try a high sens like s1mple’s (3.09 ingame, 400 DPI), and then you start tweaking from there! You can also try something in the middle like 2.2 ingame, 400 DPI, which KennyS is using for example. Whenever you have decided which one you like the most, start to slowly turn up or slow down the sens for your personal liking. This is the absolute best way to find the perfect sens if you ask us. Keep in mind that you’ll also have to practice a lot so you’re getting used to the new sensitivity!

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NiKo sensitivity

Which pro player has the best settings?

This is a common question in the counter-strike 2 community and it’s very difficult to answer, as everyone has different preferences. But if we were to guess, most people would prefer someone who has a pretty common config, like ZywOo for example. He plays on stretched resolution (1280×960) and a sensitivity of 2.00 ingame and 400 DPI which isn’t too high or too low. He also has his weapon on his right side and a standard viewmodel (presetpos 3), and a fairly small crosshair which most people like. Another player who comes to mind is m0NESY. He has the exact same resolution and sensitivity as ZywOo, so there might be something behind these settings… It is impossible to say who has the best complete settings, you have to try out the configs for yourself and make your own decision!