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Top 3 Best CS Pro Players Coming Into Counter-Strike 2

Who's going to take the crown in Counter-Strike 2?

As most CS players know by now, the new game Counter-Strike 2 is actually a lot more different from CS:GO than most people thought it would be. And it’s not about the graphics, but more complicated stuff like movement, peekers advantage, servers… just to name a few. The Counter-Strike community is very split up at the moment, some people absolutely love CS2 and are hyped for the future, while others completely hate it and are taking their anger out on twitter. Which csgo pro player is going to adapt the best to CS2? We made a list of who we believe could become the Top 3 best CS2 players of all time.

Ilya "m0NESY" Osipov

m0nesy at ESL

This 18 year old young gun, who’s currently playing as an AWPer for G2 Esports, is definitely someone who we believe could become the greatest of all time when it comes to Counter-Strike 2. This guy is something special, joining FPL (Faceit Pro League) at just the age of 14 is not normal. The combination of m0NESY’s determination to grind (recently hit 7,000 elo) and playing in the same team as top tier players like NiKo, should scare everyone else trying to take the number 1 spot in CS2. Because of his short pro career so far, m0NESY didn’t manage to bring home a Major trophy in CS:GO, which we believe could make him even more motivated to take on CS2 with fire! There’s probably a reason why people call him the “mini” goat of CS:GO…

Mathieu "ZywOo" Herbaut

ZywOo at ESL

The 22 year old French beast ZywOo is someone to definitely keep on your radar. He started his tier 1 career back in 2018 when he joined Team Vitality, where he’s still active to this day. Mathieu has managed to bring home the “best player of the year award” two times already, one back in 2019, and one later next year in 2020. He and his team also managed to bring home the last ever CS:GO Major, and they are currently Rank 1 on HLTV’s team ranking list. As we said before, make sure to keep an eye on ZywOo, as he very well could become the greatest of all time when it comes to Counter-Strike 2.

Oleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev

s1mple at esl

You just can’t make a CS best player list without putting s1mple in there… Sure, he’s a bit older than m0NESY & ZywOo, and he will most likely retire many years before they do as he has been playing professional Counter-Stike for many years now. If he does, it would for sure give the other players the chance of taking on the goat status, but you just can’t count s1mple out. His ability to make magic happen in this game is just insane. If he and Na’Vi comes into CS2 with a bang, he could for sure be the number 1 player for many years to come.

The Rise of the Up and Coming.

These are the 3 players that we believe could take on the GOAT satus in CS2. But keep in mind that there are a lot of hungry up and coming players who’s ready to take on the challenge. Especially new younger players. Who knows, in a few years time there might be some completely new players that we’ve never heard about yet who’s bringing home the best player of the year award! We’re excited for the future of Counter-Strike E-sports and we hope you’re too! Here on CS2Config you’ll find the settings and setups of all professional CS players. Copy someone’s full config and feel what it’s like to play as a pro! Who knows, maybe you’re the future GOAT?