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CS2 Commands That You Really NEED To Know

If you're gonna tweak your CS2 in-game settings, the console is your best friend.

Now that a horde of players got their hands on Counter-Strike 2 and we’re getting closer to launch, it’s time for some gaming enlightenment. You can adjust the usual settings under the in-game settings tab, but if you want to do a bit more tinkering, it’s in the CS2 console where the real magic happens.

But it can be somewhat of an art and it’s tough to know what you can really type if you haven’t done it before. So, we’ve decided to gather up the commands we think are most essential for you to up your cs2 gameplay.

cq_netgraph 1 — Displays real-time data transmission info between you and the server. 

cl_showfps 1 — Shows your frames per second (FPS).

fps_max — Caps your maximum FPS to the number you set. If it’s at 0, there’s no FPS cap.

r_dynamic — Controls dynamic lighting. Setting it to 0 can boost your FPS.

bind “key” command — Links a key to a specific action. For example, bind “mwheelup” +jump to jump.

cl_show_team_equipment — Reveals your teammates’ utility (grenades) above their heads.

voice_modenable — Turns voice chat in the game on/off.

voice_scale — Determines the volume of everyone’s microphones in voice chat.

disconnect — Disconnects you from the server. quit — Exits the game. clear — Clears the console.

hud_scaling — Adjusts the size of your HUD (Heads-Up Display).

viewmodel_fov — Changes your field of view.

viewmodel_offset_x — Adjusts your weapon’s position on the X-axis.

viewmodel_offset_y — Adjusts your weapon’s position on the Y-axis.

viewmodel_offset_z — Adjusts your weapon’s position on the Z-axis.

sv_cheats 1 — Unlocks more commands on a private server. noclip — Lets you fly around the map freely.

bot_add_ct/bot_add_t — Adds a bot on either side.

— Kicks all bots on the server.

bot_mimic — Makes a bot mimic your exact movements.

bot_stop — Halts the bot.

bot_place — Allows you to place a bot wherever you wish.

bot_crouch — Makes all bots crouch. kick playername — Kicks the player you select.

map mapname — Launches a private server with the map of your choice.

launch_warmup_map mapname — Starts a private server with your chosen map in warm-up mode.

changelevel mapname — Switches to the map you select.

mp_restartgame 1 — Restarts the match.

mp_startmoney — Changes the starting money to your preference.

mp_roundtime_defuse — Sets the round time in seconds.

mp_freezetime — Alters the freezetime.

sensitivity — Tweaks your sensitivity.

cl_crosshaircolor — Changes crosshair color from 1-5.

cl_crosshairstyle — Switches up the crosshair style from 1-5. 

cl_crosshairsize — Resizes your crosshair.

cl_crosshairthickness — Thickens your crosshair. 

cl_crosshairgap — Widens the gap between the “lines” in your crosshair.

cl_crosshairdot — Adds a dot to your crosshair’s center.

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